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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Book Review: Delirium

What if love were a disease? Would you want to be cured?

Delirium by Lauren Oliver is set in a future America in a society where love is considered a disease. The government has developed a cure (essentially a lobotomy) which stops people being able to feel love. The cure is compulsory when people reach the age of 18.

Our heroine, Lena is looking forward to her procedure. She is counting down the days, in fact. Lena believes in the system, and thoroughly supports the idea of being cured. That is, until she meets Alex and everything changes.

Delirium was a beautifully written book and I really enjoyed it. I thought Lena was a great character and I enjoyed spending time with her. I liked that she seemed to actually have a decent head on her shoulders and didn't rush off into stupid decisions. The book's pacing was good and I never felt bored as I waited to see what was going to happen next.

I did have a few questions about the premise of the book. I wanted to know how it worked with familial love. Boys and girls are separated until they are “cured” so that they don't fall in love, and this being a dystopia, anyone who isn't straight is not welcome in the society; but I wanted to know how people felt about love towards their family? It's said in the book that parents don't love their children, because of the cure, but what about siblings under the age of 18? Cousins? What about a child's love for their parents? I don't think it's enough of a question to stop me from enjoying the book, not by a long shot, but I'd love to know what people think about how forms of love other than romantic love exist (or not) in this world.

Delirium is part one of a trilogy. I have read all three books now and I can recommend this series completely!

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